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“São Paulo Fashion Week starts more with a bang than with a whimper. The future of Brazil may depend on what the models have on. By Christopher Bollen
There were two different São Paulo spectacles hitting the city on the week of July 12, 2006—and both were designed, with typical Brazilian sensationalism, to get attention. The first was a series of public-bus firebombings and gun sprayings into local banks and police stations, which left six people dead and provided the city, at least momentarily, with a grim echo of the violence that had paralyzed it two months earlier. Ironically, the guilty were already locked behind bars—kingpins of the notorious prison gang called the First Command of the Capital (PCC), who had taken the threat of several key transfers to a maximum security prison in another state as a call to show officials that they still controlled the streets—even if only by the power of a few phone calls. President Lula, who has long promised to purge the gang rule in a country where justice has often been considered something that gets in the way, and who also happens to be facing a tough re-election bid this year, labeled the faction a “crime industry.” This industry is one of the city and the country’s most prevailing. The violent attacks underscored the brutal social problems that have plagued Brazil as it tries to become a dependable superpower on the global game board”… bafo. o resto da matéria não está no ar então não da pra saber como termina. uó.


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